Office of the Commissioner for Administration and the Protection of Human Rights (Ombudsman) | Cyprus

The Commissioner submitted an ex-officio Report in 2019 regarding the accessibility of persons with disabilities (PwD) to beaches. Following the Report, the relevant legislation was amended and the access of PwD to beaches in Cyprus has been improved.

In 2019, following the Commissioner’s intervention about downgrading of PwD accessibility to lavatories in buildings of public use, the Minister of Interior revoked the previous Decree, replacing it with a new one that improves the accessibility of PwD to lavatories in buildings of public use. More information available here.

Furthermore, in three different Reports, submitted in 2009, 2010 and 2011, our Institute highlighted the necessity of introducing national legislation in Cyprus that recognized stable relationships between both heterosexual and same sex couples. Eventually, the Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with our Institute, prepared and submitted to Parliament a Law Proposal regulating civil partnership between different-sex and same-sex couples, which was voted into national Law 2015.